VIP Retreats in Beautiful Northern California

 Sonoma Coastline

Sonoma Coastline

For those who would like focused, in-depth attention for their most important life goals or business ambitions, I offer customized VIP retreats near my home in the expansive country-side of Sonoma County. 

Retreats are tailored for busy executives to step away from their ordinary routines and access the extra-ordinary power within. 

We will work in person using time-tested left-brain strategies and soulful right-brain approaches steeped in the world's wisdom traditions. Combining deep listening, shamanic-style journey, holistic coaching, strategic business and/or life design, plus time in nature, your retreat is a contemporary vision quest.

Your retreat can be planned for one or more days to include focus on your intentions as well as leisure activities on your own such as wine tastings, gourmet cuisine, sports and/or spa services. You'll emerge refreshed, recharged and inspired — ready for your next level of success.


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