Vision Retreats in Majestic Northern California

Sonoma Coastline

Sonoma Coastline

“Nature is alive and talking to us. This is not a metaphor.”

~ Terence McKenna

For those who are ready to give their focused, in-depth attention to their most important life goals, career or business ambitions, I offer customized VIP retreats in the coastal region of Sonoma County 62 miles North of San Francisco airport. Vision retreats includes private sessions where you, I and the elements of nature focus on clarifying and activating your intentions. Retreats are single-day or multi-day formats where you stay over in the guest suite of my retreat home.

Vision retreats are tailored for busy executives to step away from their ordinary routines and limitations to access the extra-ordinary power within. These retreats can be your solo time away or you could bring 2 to 3 other key partners (including your spouse or non-work partners) to share in visionary process work.

We will work with time-tested left-brain processes as well as soulful right-brain approaches to your deeper creativity. Combining strategic planning exercises with shamanic-style journey work, holistic coaching and time in nature, your retreat is a contemporary quest designed for your needs and interests.

visionary Expansion & INTEGRATION

Some clients who work with me have chosen to incorporate consciousness hacking technologies, including plant medicine, into their personal quest. Plant medicines accelerate the awakening and knowing of your deepest self, what it wants, and how to live a life of choice and meaning. The potential of these “teachers” of the natural world are detailed in the recent book by Michael Pollan, How to Change Your Mind. I have extensive training and experience assisting people integrate their own such encounters and peak experiences.

Your retreat can be planned for one or more days to include my support as you focus on your intentions. If you have more time to stay in the area, there are plenty of leisure activities to explore on your own such as wine tastings, gourmet cuisine, hiking, river kayaking, golf and spa services. You'll emerge refreshed, recharged and inspired — ready for your next level of success.

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