Meet John “O'Neill” Keathley

What inspires me most in life is transformation.

I love how my own life expands with each step I take towards my true self, and I’m passionate about helping others take their unique journey as well.

J. O'Neill Keathley — MBA & Certified Professional Coach

For me, each day is about being fully engaged in life.  There is such richness in the constant expansion of who I am, and the exploration of the world around me.

My passion lies in continually uncovering and expressing my true self, while guiding others along this same path.

I guide by listening, and by helping you uncover to listen to your unique truth — it's the most powerful tool you have.

There is a synergy that arises when you have a powerful and objective listening partner.  This allows for your deep wisdom to arise, and for your unique answers to present themselves.

As Karl Menninger says, “Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force.  The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.”

Your answers are within you, but often they are hidden.

A dedicated and trained listener can guide you to the answers that may have eluded you for years.

There is the potential within you, right now, to achieve amazing levels of genius, abundance, and joy… All the while contributing to the world and to humanity.

It all begins with a good listening.

Don’t get me wrong, we need action and strategy. We need goals and priority lists and budgets.  But if we’re constantly busy strategizing, then the deep wisdom doesn't have an opportunity to arise.

We need a balance of formulating strategy and deep reflection. A combination of modern tools and ancient wisdom. When we embrace this wholeness, we create the environment for transformation and success.

As a holistic coach and business consultant, my intention is to help you reach your highest potential in any and all areas of your life. In service of this, I bring my own diverse and colorful background to the table.

I have degrees in English, Transpersonal Psychology and Philosophy, and an MBA. I’ve visited with coffee farmers and drilled water wells in Central America. I’ve trekked into the Himalayas, and I’ve sat vigil with dying friends.

So some days you’ll find me playing guitar, other days I’m mentoring up-and-coming entrepreneurs in business skills, and other days I’m helping people communicate more lovingly to their partners.

For me, life is about being fully self-expressed and allowing this richness to be in all that I do, from meditation retreats to skydiving.

I helped launch the innovative and award-winning organization that certifies and promotes Fair Trade products in the US. In 2009 we were named among the “100 Brilliant Companies” by Entrepreneur magazine. We also won Fast Company Magazine's Social Capitalist Award... four years in a row.

Over the course of 11 years as a director, my responsibilities included Finance, HR, IT, and Administration. And during my tenure I contributed to the growth of our start-up from a $100,000 to a $10 million operation impacting millions of farmers and workers around the world.

I was working for with a powerful model for a beautiful cause with an amazing group of people.  But eventually a time came when I felt unfulfilled — something was missing.

I knew deep inside that my calling was leading me beyond operational leadership and working behind the scenes.

I hired a coach to help me get clear on what my calling truly is, and it became crystal clear: my purpose is to be on the front line of transformation. To be a direct and powerful contribution to people and to be connected, open and offering my deepest wisdom to others. I was meant to be a coach.

I want to be eye to eye and ear to ear with you.

I want to bring light to the corner of the world that you and I occupy. And then you can bring light to all the people you come in contact with.

That’s my calling... but what about you?

What are you pulled to do? What gifts are you longing to give to the world?

Are you ready to step into the life that you believe is truly calling you? You may not know where it’s headed, or even where it starts, but something in you tells you that there is a life out there with your name on it.

Are you ready to step into that life?

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