Hear from some of my clients

“O'Neill is chock full of insightful ways to energize my business practice. Plus he's passionate and easy to work with.”  Stephen P. ~ massage therapy practice owner

"My confidence is high! I was never a business major or an owner before I launched my company. I questioned everything I was doing in hopes to save a buck. Since working with O'Neill, I've stopped questioning myself so much. My confidence to conduct business and promote my products has increased exponentially."  Monte M. ~ wine barrel artist and manufacturer

"O'Neill helped me get a better picture of my vision, talk to clients, get marketing and - most importantly - create a winning business plan".  Leisa J. ~ residential realtor

“O'Neill Keathley is a down-to-earth and talented speaker. His wealth of knowledge about business is amazing. He offers great tips and material that was never covered in the many other workshops I've attended.”  Emily Z. ~ pet daycare owner

“O'Neill specifically keys in on areas I've needed to focus on to get ahead in my business. He offers the shortest path to success in practical steps!”  David D. ~ physical therapist

"O'Neill's keen listening skills and his business expertise allowed me to see things anew. I came away with specific actions to take to forward the growth and development of my business. His contribution has made a huge impact on my business, which went from a hazy idea to a flourishing reality."  
Shannon W. ~ professional writer

"O'Neill is an incredibly creative thinker and motivator. He takes the information that I provide, and works with me to create the most effective next steps to move forward. His tremendously valuable coaching consistently leads me to solid results in a minimal amount of time. I highly recommend O'Neill!"  
Lynda H. ~ career coach to lawyers


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